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Bridge cameras – Why would you choose one over an SLR?

The latest in our series on digital photography by local photographer Richard Jones. This time we look at the bridge camera. Now I’ve never really understood the point of a bridge camera – it’s bigger then your standard point and shoot as it has more technology inside including usually a better zoom lens but really this is where the benefits …

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Digital Photography – How to make the right choice of camera

Choose a digital camera

There are basically 3 types of digital camera: The Point & Shoot compact. The bridge camera (looks like an SLR but still behaves like a point & shoot) The Digital SLR. Each of these has its place in the world of digital photography – indeed I’ve owned different types of all three over the years. This week we’re going to …

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Digital Photography – Want to Improve your Skills?

Richard Jones Photography

Meet Our New Writer – Richard Jones I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to write for Blackburn Life and have been given a new section to write in. Over the weeks and months ahead, I’ll be sharing with you some of my experience of digital photography, both technical as well as instructional. With over 15 years experience …

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