Blackburn Life People's Calendar

Welcome to the Blackburn Life People’s Calendar, the new reader gallery for your photos of Blackburn, Darwen and the surrounding area.

Whether you are a mobile snapper, an enthusiastic amateur or even a professional, we welcome your photo submissions.

Each October, we’ll be choosing twelve of our favourite photos and featuring them in the Blackburn Life calendar.

All profits from the calendar will go to a local charity.

Please read the notes below regarding copyright and usage before submitting your photos

Conditions of Submission

When you submit your photos to Blackburn Life you are certifying that you are the owner of the image and that the photo is your own work.

You must always add details of the copyright owner (usually yourself) and a contact email address.

All photos sent  to Blackburn Life should be submitted without watermarks.

The watermark shown will be added to all submitted photos before they are published to protect your copyright and to ensure consistency.

By submitting your photo to Blackburn Life, you give Blackburn Life permission to publish the photo on our website and our associated social media channels. The watermark will always be used on the website and social media. We will always credit the copyright owner whenever we publish your photo.

By submitting your photo to Blackburn Life also gives us permission to use the photo (without watermark but credited) in the Blackburn Life People’s Calendar which will be printed and sold online through Blackburn Life and other outlets. All profits from  the calendar will go to a local charity.