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The Blackburn clinic is conveniently located on the A647 not far from Cherry Tree Train Station. There is parking at the front of the clinic, and on the surrounding roads. There is a very small step into the front of the building with reception, patient toilets and 2 treatment rooms on the ground floor.

We’re here to help you relieve your pain, and stay pain-free. Our experienced Physiotherapists will get to understand your condition with a detailed assessment, and they will then explain the problem so you understand it. Then, they will start treatment in whatever form is best and give you all the advice and exercises you need to help yourself. They will also make sure you understand roughly how long it might take to improve and talk you through the phases of recovery you can expect. We don’t aim to just get you back to where you were before your pain came on. After all, that’s what got you into this position in the first place. We look to settle your pain, get you back to doing what you want to do, and then get you stronger and more resilient so the pain doesn’t come back.