Katie Hopkins – Live. Laugh. Love.

15 October @ 7:30 pm

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Katie Hopkins is best known as the Apprentice who fired Lord Sugar. She’s bold, she’s brave and she’s bl**dy funny. Having recently survived traumatic brain surgery, she says she has been given the gift of extra time. Described as fearless by her fans (and a pain in the neck by her father) hers is a story of recovery, redemption and renewal. Her ‘Love. Laugh. Live.’ show tells stories and anecdotes from throughout her TV and media career, setting the record straight on what was said (and not said) as she lays waste to her critics with the power of laughter. A trained Economist, Katie was sponsored through Exeter University by the Intelligence Corps and has completed marathons on every continent. Her arm muscles even have their own Instagram page. Outspoken and opinionated, Katie is the perfect night out if you want to laugh at ‘the insanity of our lefty world . . . while we still can’. She’s not PC but totally LOL. Watch her mercilessly ridicule everyone from politicians to celebrities in a show dripping with one-liners and acerbic put-downs of the ‘so-called great and good’. If you’re expecting a night of ‘hate speech’ you’ll be disappointed; this is about loving, about living and, most of all, about laughing. Enjoy.

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