What do you think of your town?

What do you think of your town?

Beggars Belief Collective are currently researching and developing a new piece of storytelling from Darwen Library Theatre called Three Loud Knocks, and are interested in finding out what people think about their town.

One of the characters they call ‘The Boggart.’ Traditionally a mischievous spirit from Lancashire folklore, he/she is a person with strongly held opinions on the place where he or she lives. Somebody who likes to have a rant.

Now here is an invitation to you. If you have a strongly held opinion on your town, would you share it with us? Go on, answer this question:

What do you love or hate about where you live?

Comment on the Blackburn Life Facebook post to have your say!

Who are Beggars Belief Collective?

Beggar’s Belief is a new collaboration between experienced performers and theatre makers Guy Hargreaves and Nicky McRoy, working with internationally acclaimed sculptor and artist Marjan Wouda. They have been making theatre independently for many years, but are finding their own voices. The group love the interdisciplinary adventure and collaborating with other brilliant artists to create challenging contemporary work.

Their passion is to create joyfully interactive theatre, taking our audiences by surprise. Whilst anarchic and low-fi in style – their work aims to be thought provoking, entertaining, relevant and accessible to audiences, including those that are not habitual theatre goers.

They aim to create work  from Darwen, Lancashire but relevant to a wider audience; which is moving, funny, and challenges perceptions.

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