Pupils in Blackburn enjoy a World Book Day with a difference!

Year 6 pupils at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Blackburn enjoyed a World Book Day with a difference this morning, one without books!

Author Kate Brindle from Blackburn based teaching and learning platform ‘Learning by Questions’ came in to meet some the children enjoying her short stories and answering questions on digital devices.

Together with their class teacher Emily Watkinson, the pupils read aloud ‘Ice Dragon’ and ‘The Aliens of Ashworth School’ and answered questions on their devices as they went along.

Owen and Nikodem enjoy a story.

Emily said “At Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, we work hard to develop each child’s love of reading as it is so important both for their learning and for their future lives. Some children prefer to read from copy books though the majority of my class prefer the digital stories like the ones from Learning by Questions. These digital guided reads provide questions as the children move through the story, so I know they really understand what they’re reading and are able to progress.”

English teacher of 23 years turned author Kate Brindle was thrilled to meet some of her readers as tens of thousands of pupils enjoy her 20 short stories across the UK.

“My belief is that it doesn’t matter how children are reading, it matters that they are reading, and that they enjoy and understand the texts that they read.”

This special guided reading session marks the launch of a month-long ‘Electronic Literature Festival’ run by Learning by Questions, the first of its kind celebrating teaching and reading literature.

Alexandra and Annalise enjoy reading with their teacher Emily Watkinson

Nikodem (aged 10): “I prefer reading on the ipad because if you’re reading from a book you feel like there are so many more pages left. But with the ipad its nice, you don’t want it to end and you

can enjoy the story and not be scared.”

Owen (aged 10): “I like iPads but I also like books because my favourite author is Roald Dahl and I like his books a lot. But I like the iPad too because it’s not what you’d expect.”

Trystan (aged 10): “In the future, I’ve got a feeling that people will turn to iPads more as in the future people will turn to technology and AI more.”

As the session came to an end everyone clapped and one boy said “the best thing was that we got out of doing English!”….little did he know!

Pictured above: Pupils from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour with author Kate Brindle and teacher Emily Watkinson

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