Blackburn Business Boss makes last minute plea to Shop Local for Christmas

The manager of Blackburn BID, Catherine Price, has made a last minute plea to shop with Blackburn Town Centre businesses this Christmas.

How have your shopping habits changed and will you be shopping local this Christmas?

Catherine Price, Blackburn BID manager, said:

In today’s digital world, it can be easy to forget about the importance of shopping local and supporting our communities. 

If you’re concerned about the Royal Mail strikes and whether Christmas gifts will reach you, Santa, or the recipient in time – consider shopping local for those last minute gifts this Christmas.

Shopping locally not only supports small business owners, it also helps create a stronger community. By keeping your money within the same city or town as you live in, you help build up the economy of that area. 

When people shop locally, it also stimulates growth by creating more jobs and opportunities for everyone who lives there. Plus, it supports employment. 

Shopping locally also has environmental benefits too. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint because goods have fewer miles to travel from store to home, but it also contributes to less waste production since fewer products have to be packaged for shipment around the world. 

When you shop local instead of buying everything online, it helps create more options for shoppers and supports small businesses who bring something special to their customers – like personalised customer service.               

Shopping locally is essential if we want our communities to thrive both economically and environmentally. So next time you need something from clothes to gifts for loved ones – remember why it’s important to choose local first!

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