Dad gets to hospital in time thanks to 3am Facebook message and a Stranger who Responded

When Ryan Groom’s fiancé, Tara-Louise Spencer woke at around 1am this morning, she realised that the latest addition to their family was going to arrive about a week early and quite quickly.

Ryan, from Blackburn, jumped into action and managed to get hold of the midwife, who suggested that it was time to call 999.

The ambulance came quickly to whisk Tara-Louise to Burnley General Hospital, but due to the restrictions around coronavirus, Ryan was stuck in Blackburn and was told the best thing to do was to get a taxi.

After ringing round several taxi firms in the local area and even trying to wake friends in the middle of the night, nobody was available to take him the 13 miles to Burnley.

In a slight panic and trying to think how he could get across to Burnley, he turned to Facebook and posted a request on the Blackburn Life – Local Coronavirus Support Group.

“Anyone awake that drives 😭 struggling to get to Burnley hospital to be with my partner who’s in labour tried every taxi some don’t answer and most declined 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏”

Not holding our much hope and running out of time, Aeman Ali Afzal from Blackburn replied. After double checking it wasn’t a prank, he jumped in his car, picked Ryan up from his home and drove him to Burnley.

Ryan said, “It was all a bit of a blur, and I can’t even remember the journey. I jumped out at Burnley General Hospital, got lost trying to find the right place to go, and after some amazing help from the NHS staff, got there in the nick of time.”

Jack Arron Groom was born early this morning and mother and baby are both doing well.

Ryan said, “It just shows that at difficult times, the community really pulls together, and I can’t thank Aeman enough for offering to help me and get me to the hospital, so I didn’t miss one of the most important events of my life.  Some people are truly amazing!”

The Blackburn Life – Local Coronavirus Support Group was created by local company Square Cactus to support the local community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ian from Square Cactus, caught up with a very tired, but excited Ryan at home via video link

We are catching up with Ryan and Aeman later.

Blackburn Life has been running as a voluntary venture to support the borough and its community. We are always happy to discuss advertising and promotional packages for businesses to help cover our costs of running Blackburn Life.

Blackburn Life will never charge you fees, levies or memberships to add your events, news, jobs and business listings.


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