German Doner Kebab Review – Doner Kebabs but not as we know it!

The opening of German Doner Kebab in Blackburn was greeted with much anticipation on social media, so we thought we’d give it a try to see what the fuss was all about.

So, if you are thinking about the more “traditional” kebab shop, this brand new venue at Eanam in Blackburn is certainly massively different. From the neon signs and funky furniture in the soon to open restaurant area, the interior is bright and inviting.

Even in these times of social distancing and extra safety, we were greeted at a podium and handed a menu and a nutritional information sheet. (That’s got to be a first!) The staff were very friendly, explaining all the options and wide choice of meals and boxed deals.

We opted for their Boss Box Deals which include the doner of your choice, served with a portion of doner spring rolls or chilli cheese bites, a side of fries, 3 signature sauces and a drink. We chose one box with the “Original German Doner Kebab” (be rude not to!) and one with a “Lahmacun Wrap” and opted for mixed lamb and chicken in each.

Our boxes were ready after a short wait, and, yet again this is the next step up in terms of packaging. The germans are famous for their precision and engineering, but who would of thought it would even reach a take-away box. It’s incredible.

The box, has a space for everything, and we mean everything. The fries, sides, sauces have their own designated spaces and even the canned drink fits snugly into the box with the kebab taking pride of place as a triangular centerpiece.

So let’s get down to the details:

We were very impressed with both the Doner and Wrap. Loved the waffle style bread on the doner and the quality of the ingredients were top notch. The meat was not greasy and the salads were fresh and crunchy. It certainly felt like this was a lot healthier than the more traditional doners you may be used to and we gave that a massive thumbs up. The signature selection of sauces were garlic, spicy and yoghurt and very tasty, but the spicy may not have enough bite for some.

Our sides of doner spring rolls and chilli cheese bites, are on the small size, but a nice twist on a regular spring roll and were the perfect items to dip in the yummy sauces.

Fries – We opted for curry fries and cheesy fries. We love the seasoning on the curry fries but were slightly disappointed with the small pot of cheese sauce that was supposed to transform the regular fries to cheesy. We also thought the portion size of fries was on the small size.

The drinks that come with the boxes are the tall 250ml cans, and again we though these were on the small size, but certainly better than some “pump-style” drinks.


We really enjoyed our first experience of German Doner Kebab house with the main stars being the doners themselves. With the fresh salads, quality meat and unique breads, they really are a step up and somehow left us feeling less post-kebab guilt. The sauces too are great and a nice twist on the usual.

We thought the portion size of fries let the box down a little, as did the drink, but overall for £9.99 each, we thought they were good value for money.

The best sign for a takeaway or restaurant is whether you want to return and the answer for us is definitely yes, particularly when the restaurant area is allowed to reopen. They also offer a decent range of vegetarian options and even a KCAL Kebab at 585 calories.

Have you tried German Doner Kebab? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.


You can find German Doner Kebab in Blackburn at:
16 Eanam Wharf, Old Maida Building, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5BY
Tel 01254 263 636

Currently Open for Takeaway

Sunday – Thursday : 11:00am – 12:00am
Friday – Saturday : 11:00am – 1:00am

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