Supermarkets Under Scrutiny for Higher Fuel Prices in Blackburn

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Supermarkets in Blackburn are facing scrutiny over their pricing of fuel, with concerns raised about the higher costs compared to nearby towns such as Preston and Bolton. The price disparity has sparked complaints from residents who feel that they are being unfairly charged more for an essential commodity.

The investigation into fuel prices was initiated by Blackburn Life which raised the issue with several supermarkets. Blackburn Life highlighted significant differences in fuel costs between Blackburn and neighboring areas within a 20-mile radius. According to information provided by Blackburn Life, forecourts in Blackburn, particularly in Great Harwood, were selling unleaded petrol at £185.7 per litre and diesel at £195.7 per litre.

In contrast, within the same radius, supermarkets in nearby towns such as Bolton were offering lower prices, with unleaded petrol priced at £179.7 per litre and diesel at £189.7 per litre. This 6.0 pence per litre difference has led to accusations that supermarkets are taking advantage of local conditions instead of providing the best possible prices for residents of Blackburn and Darwen.

When approached for comment, both Morrisons and Asda acknowledged the price variation. They emphasized their intention to remain competitive in each local area and expressed their commitment to reducing the price difference as soon as possible.

Morrisons said: “In the UK petrol prices vary from town to town and even neighbourhood to neighbourhood and we will always strive to be competitive in each local area. Occasionally this can mean price differences between different areas open up. We continually review our prices and will look to reduce this difference as soon as we can.”

Asda responded to Blackburn Life: “Despite the continued volatility in the wholesale fuel market Asda has consistently offered the lowest fuel prices across the UK and this remains the case.”

In contrast, Tesco and Sainsbury’s did not respond to our questions.

The fuel price discrepancies have drawn attention to the challenging economic situation in Blackburn and Darwen. The government has previously identified the area as one of the top ten most deprived in the country.

Given recent statements made by supermarket executives about supporting customers during difficult times, concerns have been raised about the alignment of their pricing strategies with their commitment to helping customers save money.

Pricing parity with nearby towns would provide much-needed relief for the local community and contribute to addressing the financial challenges faced by some of the most deprived people in the country.

Blackburn Life will continue to monitor the situation and report any updates on fuel prices in the area, as well as the responses from supermarkets regarding their commitment to fair pricing for the benefit of all customers, regardless of their location.

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