“Tiger Patel” Withdraws to Avoid Splitting Anti-Labour Vote in Blackburn

Altaf Ibrahim Patel, known locally as Tiger Patel, has announced his decision to withdraw from the general election race in Blackburn and encouraged another independent, Adnan Hussain, to step aside too . The announcement on social media aims to consolidate the vote against the Labour Party according to Patel.

In a recent statement, Patel expressed that after considerable reflection and seeking guidance, he believes stepping down is the most effective way to ensure unity within the community.

Mr Patel’s name will still appear on the ballot papers at the election though, as the date for nominations has passed.

“I urge Adnan to follow my lead and withdraw from the race, allowing us to unite in our support for Craig Murray. Let us stand together under one banner, working towards a better future for Blackburn and showing our unwavering support for Palestine,” Patel said.

Patel highlighted the importance of solidarity, particularly in supporting the Palestinian cause, and expressed his belief that Craig Murray is the candidate best suited to represent the community’s interests due to his experience and commitment to human rights, equality, and justice.

“Craig Murray deserves our support. He is experienced and committed to human rights, equality, and justice,” Patel stated. “He has been a strong advocate for the Palestinian cause and has worked tirelessly for their plight.”

While recognising Adnan Hussain’s potential, Patel noted that he currently lacks the political experience required to be an effective MP. Patel suggested that Adnan could benefit from gaining experience under Craig Murray’s mentorship.

“May Allah (SWT) guide us towards what is best for our community. May He bless us with unity, strengthen our resolve, and grant us success in our efforts,” Patel concluded.

This development is seen as a strategic move to avoid splitting the anti-Labour vote, aiming to amplify the community’s voice and influence in the upcoming election.

The full list of candidates in Blackburn at the General Election is:
HOLLERN, Kate – Labour Party
HUSSAIN, Adnan – Independent
MCGOWAN, Jamie – Conservative and Unionist Party
MORGAN, Denise – Green Party
MURRAY, Craig John – Workers Party of Britain
PATEL, Tiger – Independent
SHAH, Natasha – Independent
TEMPERLEY, Tommy – Reform UK
WALLER-SLACK, Adam John Thomas – Liberal Democrats

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