Tips from Down Under on How to Deal with the Heat

An Australian living in London has gone viral with her top tips to keep cool and manage in the current heatwave based on her experience from Down Under.

Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts posted these top tips on her twitter account (@EllieMRoberts)

  • Close your curtains. All the way. During the entire day. You can open them at night, when you will also (if possible) open your windows the whole way and direct any fans to make a though breeze.
  • With a mister or spray bottle. Fill it with water. Mist as necessary. Also good for keeping pets cool – which is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
  • If you can stock up on ice. While yes, a nice cool beverage with ice is wonderful, this is also mainly about your pets. Ensure that you are topping up their water with ice regularly! If you have no pets, stock up on slightly less ice, for your own beverages.
  • Take a towel of any size (even just washcloths/facecloths will do!). Thoroughly wet them in cold water, and ring as much water out as possible (do this in a plugged bath to save water!). Tightly cover the towel in clingfilm (plastic bags also fine!) and keep in freezer.
  • For smaller towels these can be unwrapped and draped about the body at will. For larger towels, move them to the fridge around an hour before you want to use it. Excellent for sleeping underneath.
  • If you feel you are overheating the two places on your body you need to focus on cooling down quickly (before then dealing properly with the issue!) are the crown of your head and your feet. Soak your feet in cold water – as cold as you can stand. Then drink lots of water.
  • Heatstroke is no joke pals. Make sure you know the signs of heatstroke (for adults, children, and any pets you have!). In a genuine case of heatstroke, skip the feet and go straight for an icepack to the armpits. Yes seriously. Following this seek medical advice and/or attention!
  • When at home wear as little as you like, but if you’re going on in the sun: obviously wear the highest SPF sunscreen you have, wear a hat, wear sunglasses, wear loose fitting, light and LONG SLEEVED clothing. Put sunscreen UNDER your clothing. Stay out of direct sun.
  • If you are dehydrated (and an adult, and able to do so) drink a half a pint of beer (inc. alcohol free!) and then move straight onto water (or a sports drink or cordial if you don’t like water).
  • And my final piece of advice: HYDRATE. Don’t drink too much coffee, and don’t drink too much booze. Neither of those things are going to do you the world of good. But do drink plenty of fluids. (I know I said hydrate twice. It’s really important)

Advice and guidance has been put together to help protect people in case of a heatwave over the summer months:

The Met Office warnings and updates can be found here: UK weather warnings – Met Office

Find out more about keeping safe in extreme weather: Beat the heat: staying safe in hot weather – GOV.UK (

The UK Health Security Agency has an update on hot weather safety: Staying safe in extreme heat – UK Health Security Agency (

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