Tour de Moon Convoy and Giant Squid heading to Blackburn

A convoy, which is part of a nationwide festival, lands in Blackburn’s Cathedral Square on Thursday 19 May (6pm to 10pm) and is also stopping in 13 towns and cities across the UK. It features huge floats and interactive elements such as a rotating moon and giant squid.

Moon Convoy appears and disappears at night and brings interactive and ultra-violet experiences to life. Expect cosmic transformations through live music and DJ sets, a giant squid (yes, one of nature’s rarest creatures!), talks, film screenings, an inflatable game, a 9 piece Arkestra and a larger than life red phone through which you can talk to the Moon. No need to book, just turn up and enjoy.

The spectacular convoy of vehicles and floats are designed to surprise, spark, and stimulate awareness of Tour de Moon and all the magic and intrigue that surrounds it. Within the Moon Convoy, there are eight hero floats –  Moon Experiences, Moon Music, Moon Talks, Moon Cinema, Moon Hotline, Moon Games, Moon Press and Moon Arkestra. Stopping in car parks and town squares the Moon Convoy will allow everyone to experience the magic of the festival. From a mobile collaborative recording studio as part of Moon Music to a pop up outdoor cinema screening the incredible films of Moon Cinema, the Moon Convoy brings the festival and the Moon to you.

Tour de Moon’s creator is the artist and filmmaker Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun of Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios.

Her large-scale projects have seen her collaborate with Noam Chomsky, Pussy Riot, Massive Attack and Kid Cudi to name but a few.

Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun said: “Our main objective of Tour de Moon is to prompt radical imagination, support pluralistic thinking so to offer alternative futures developed by and with youths.

“With this festival we decided to redistribute our funding and to use our platform to celebrate the nightlife sector and young adults – demographics which have been hit especially hard by the impacts of Covid and funding cuts over the last few years.”

Tour de Moon is one of 10 major creative projects commissioned as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, which is taking place across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in 2022.

Martin Green, Chief Creative Officer of UNBOXED said “We are delighted to be on board the cosmic journey that is Tour De Moon, as we meet with young minds to experience and take part in the making of alternative futures in a free and public nationwide event. Now everyone, come along, get your tickets, and have a good time.”

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