Workshops to get involved with at this years National Festival of Making

This year’s National Festival of making offers an array of workshops where traditional crafts take centre stage. With a focus on hands-on learning, these workshops are the perfect for participants of all skill levels to explore new  creative opportunities and learn from the professionals. Visitors can get involved in a range of activities including building Yo-Yo Machines to bookbinding, pottery, leatherworking and more.  

Highlights over the weekend include.  

  • Building a Yo-Yo Machine with the Interaction Research Studio | Saturday  

Visitors can experience the magic of communication through a handmade device that allows them to trade signals with another person across the internet. Assemble electronic components and decorate their own Yo-Yo Machine.  


  • Bookbinding with Ian Halawi 

Artist Ian Halawi will teach the art of bookbinding where visitors can create their own sketchbook using traditional techniques.  


  • Potter’s Wheel ‘Have-a-Go’ with Pendle Pottery Studio 

Pendle Pottery Studio are offering a taster session on a pottery wheel and teaching people how to create their own handcrafted bowl or cups  

  • Leather Workshops with Diamond Awl 

Diamond Awl, will share his expert leatherworking techniques so visitors can create their own leather pieces.  


  • Pewter Casting with Uncultured Creatives and Ella McIntosh 

Inspired by Blackburn-based cinematographers Mitchell & Kenyon, Uncultured Creatives and Ella McIntosh will teach people how to cast their own memorial arrowhead in pewter.  


  • Explore Geometric Patterns with Aziza 

Aziza are running a geometric pattern workshop where visitors can choose a laser-cut wooden tile and bring it to life with vibrant colours using paint pens.  


  • Create a keychain with Relic Plastics  

Relics Plastics will be running a sustainable workshop where people can turn plastic waste into a brand-new keychain  


To find out more information and to book tickets for each workshop visit  

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