150 people have been paid £10 each to HOWL as part of art project

As part of the Lancashire Encounters Festival 2022, 150 people will HOWL inside King George’s Hall as part of an arts festival this Saturday (17th September)

Summarising the event it states “We HOWL together in rage, gather together and remember the howls of our ancestors and the workhouse howls of industrial Lancashire. We will HOWL together at the shivers we have been promised for winter, HOWL together at the soaring cost of living, HOWL together at the bills we cannot pay and HOWL together at the state of the world. “

One year on from HOWL at Preston Bus Station, as part of a commission for Lancashire Encounter, Jamie Holman brings HOWL to Blackburn, to gather, to let loose, to HOWL.

The first HOWL was from the last wolf in England as it was driven by hunters, over a cliff at Humphrey Head, in 1390 on Morecambe Bay. The last howl from the last wolf signified the end of wilderness and the beginning of the industrial age. 

The second HOWL was performed by 150 strangers, who gathered in Prestons iconic brutalist bus station, in 2021, as we emerged from lockdown. This mass howling brought us together as a pack and gave us the opportunity to release our howls of joy, frustration, anger and pain for those we had lost and the time we had spent alone.

In the spirit of supporting each other in these difficult times, 150 people have been paid £10 to take part. 

When we gather, we become powerful. When we HOWL, we are heard. 

This project has been commissioned as part of Lancashire Encounters Festival 2022. 

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