Keyless Car Theft: How to Protect Yourself

The senior man opens the door of his car with keyless access.

Did you know that thieves can steal your car without ever breaking a window? All they need is a device that can mirror your car key signal. This is called keyless car theft, and it’s a growing problem.

How does it work?

Keyless car theft works by using a device called a relay. The relay amplifies the signal from your car key, so that it can be picked up by the thief’s device. The thief then uses this signal to unlock and start your car.

How can you protect yourself?

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from keyless car theft:

  • Get a Faraday pouch. A Faraday pouch is a metal box that blocks radio waves. This means that the thief’s device won’t be able to pick up the signal from your car key. You can buy Faraday pouches online or at most electronics stores.
  • Keep your car key away from your front door. The closer your car key is to your front door, the easier it is for the thief to pick up the signal. If you can, keep your car key in a Faraday pouch or in a drawer inside your house.
  • Don’t leave your car running unattended. Even if you’re just running into the store for a few minutes, it’s best to turn off your car and take your keys with you.

Free Faraday products from BwD Police
Blackburn with Darwen Police are currently giving away free Faraday Products to help you protect yourself and your car.

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