SummerFest frustrated customers post on social media about lack of refunds

Angry customers are frustrated at the lack of communication from the organisers of the postponed SummerFest 2022, which was due to take place at Blackburn Rover’s football ground Ewood Park on 27th to 29th May.

The organisers of the event (Summerfest Limited) said the event had been postponed until 2023, citing the economic crisis and increased costs. Now, six weeks after the announcement, many ticket holders are angry at the lack of communication, ignored emails and the disappearance of the company’s website and social media accounts.

The original website is no longer reachable and has been repointed to their Instagram page and their Facebook page disappeared without warning. The promoters of the event said: “Our social media was moved temporarily due to everything from death threats to threatening staff homes. The keyboard warriors only exacerbated what was already a terrible time for us.”

When Blackburn Life contacted SummerFest for comment about the situation, they replied on 27th May and said the following:

“We are about to send an update to all ticket holders.

“This festival is definitely rolling over to May 2023 but its only 4 weeks since we had to make the decision to postpone due to the spiralling costs of production, similar to other festivals who have made the same decision.”

“We are currently sorting artists contracts for 2023 and trying to answer as many enquiries as possible.
Refunds have already started to be processed .”

In a post on their Instagram page they added the following:

SummerFest did not respond to our questions about how people can claim refunds or the availability of funds to do that.

Blackburn Life’s Facebook Page received over 100 comments on our most recent post about the event including people who had been successful in receiving refunds from their credit card companies and banks, but not direct from SummerFest.

Some of the comments on Facebook included:

“No refund, no communication, scam”

“I’ve emailed them over 15 times with no reply I’ve also contacted my card provider but I’ve been told to wait.”

“I’ve emailed not got a reply some people can’t wait till next year”

Some people were not even aware the event was not taking place:

“We have just arrived. Not knowing anything about a cancellation.”

In a final comment from Summerfest, they said:

“We will be dealing with everything and contacting everyone,but we have to confirm the line up for 2023 so that ticket holders can see the likes of Boy George are still in place.”

A venue for 2023 is yet to be announced.

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  1. I’ve emailed summerfest over 12 times and still no reply I got a reply of universe saying its nothing to do with them I’ve had no refund or correspondence Tony Baldwin needs to refund now

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