Hops and Dreams: Gill Singh’s Hunt to find her Precious Pub Files!

Gill Singh is on a mission: to track down her cherished “Pub Files”, which she regrets losing in 2011.

Her plea is simple yet heartfelt. These files, painstakingly compiled over the years, were a record of every pub she’d visited since 1987, complete with photos. Originally started with her first husband, the project was a labour of love. But after their divorce, Gill, in a moment of anger and sadness, gave them away to ‘a lovely man from Blackburn’ who was writing a book on closed pubs and was a CAMRA member.

Years later, Gill deeply regrets her decision. She still loves visiting and documenting pubs, and she’s desperate to be reunited with her files.

She’s already contacted CAMRA and the Pub History Society, but with no luck so far. Now, she’s reaching out to anyone who might know something.

Gill’s message is clear: she’s willing to try anything to find her lost files. So if you have any information, no matter how small, she’d be incredibly grateful for your help.

If you can help Gill, please email Blackburn Life hello@blackburnlife.com

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